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A look at some of the Salmon Museum's Rooms and Attractions.

The Exhibition Room
You will find many books, videos and other sources of information explaining the ecology of salmon and other fishes.
Models allow one to experience the feel and weight of salmon plus show local spawning locations.

Display Hall

The Education Display Room
The fry of many salmonid varieties are displayed in aquariums according to species. This includes not only salmon but also other members of the salmonid class such as cutthroat trout and some unusual species found only in Japan.

Education Display Room

The Spawning & Hatching Room
Depending on the time of year you are welcome to observe the actual spawning and fertilization process of salmon & trout through a glass panel.

Spawning a Salmon

Underground Observation Room
Always a popular attraction, you have the unique opportunity to view a side profile of a pond. In fall, you'll see mature colorful adult salmon preparing to spawn whereas in spring large schools of fry are feeding and heading downstream to sea.

Underground Observation Room

Grounds Plan

Grounds Plan